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 Roll Up Sail
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A windy day doesn’t have to stop you from stand-up paddle boarding. The Roll Up Sail (RUS) enhances your paddle boarding experience in a new way by harnessing the breeze. The RUS quickly and easily attaches to any SUP paddle, increasing versatility by adding the fun of sailing whenever you want it.The unique design of the RUS allows you to travel crosswind and even upwind, and features a comfortable, easy-to-grip C-clamp that locks in place. When not in use, the lightweight RUS stores easily...

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Would you like to walk on water? We know you want to. Like the original, the new Aquaskipper converts more of the power generated by your up-and-down motion to let you fly along the surface of the water... all without producing any noise, fumes or pollution. We invented the original Aquaskipper for water enthusiasts who want the experience the joys of gliding silently in harmony with nature while getting an amazing workout. Because you are jumping on a forgiving surface, water – your workout...