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If you’re like us, you hate buying and replacing batteries. Not only are they expensive, but discarded batteries are harmful for the environment. And then there’s the problem of storing batteries. Perhaps you have a bag or box or drawer full of them -- some charged, some dead --taking up valuable space in your home. There’s never a charged battery of the right size available when you really need one.Enter the Alkacharger, a device designed to organize and prolong the life of your...

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Are gadgets taking over your kitchen cabinets? When space is at a premium, wise cooks look for items designed for multi-tasking. The Ultradrainer is so versatile that we use it every day to drain, strain, defrost, marinate, steam, cook and store food. And while it’s designed it to be functional, we also made it attractive enough to use as a serving dish. The Ultradrainer is perfect for the microwave – just add water to the tray to steam veggies. Marinate meats quickly and easily; simply flip...